About Diana

From Orphan to Opera Singer

       Diana Amati's remarkable life resembles that of an opera itself. She has a unique Cinderella story- from being abandoned as an orphan to becoming a world-class opera singer and composer, traveling and using her voice and gifts to inspire and give hope to others. Diana celebrates being a woman of color in opera, being mixed and proud of her West African and Latina heritage as well as being Italian and French. Growing up in Northern NJ, she first learned to sing in church by singing spirituals and gospel music in the church choir, and then in solos and composing music for worship services. Being an orphan, then a foster child, and eventually adopted, Diana's childhood was not easy, but she found hope in Jesus and comfort in the beautiful lyrics and music of spirituals she learned in church. She later started her formal musical training when she was adopted and her parents recognized her gifts and love of music. They enrolled her in private lessons in New York City with master teachers of voice, voice coaching, flute, piano, violin, music theory, composition, and orchestration. As Diana's gifts developed, her private teachers urged her to continue pursing a professional music career, with her two greatest strengths being in voice and music composition. Diana decided to embark on a journey to Italy for the young artist program, 'Si parla, si canta,' where she performed Beatrice in Vincenzo Bellini's 'Beatrice di Tenda.' She also enrolled in the Italian language school, 'Centro Studi Italiani', where she received a language certificate upon completion and continued her studies privately with her professors at the school. Following in the old Italian tradition of belcanto training, she continued to study privately and intensively with some of the world's greatest voice teachers and coaches of our time, including Italy's most beloved vocal coach, Enza Ferrari (who also taught Maria Callas), and Maestro Alberto Zedda, who urged Diana to pursue a professional operatic career and was pivotal in her decision. Her most notable roles have been Beatrice in Bellini's 'Beatrice di Tenda,' Stefanina in Donizetti's 'Il giovedì grasso,' Lucia in Donizetti's 'Lucia di Lammermoor,' and is currently scheduled to headline Vincenzo Bellini's 'Norma.'


       Diana resides at her home in Northern NJ as well as the upper west side of Manhattan in New York City, where she is studying and preparing for upcoming roles as well as entering major vocal competitions. Diana also frequently gives recitals in churches and is creating an album of some of the most beloved negro spirituals and hymns for piano and voice, including a few of her own original spiritual compositions. In addition to performing, Diana is also an educator and maintains a private voice studio in New York City. She founded Artisti Media Group (AMG), which is a conglomerate of several companies & organizations in the arts, mainly funded through the Amati Foundation, a private, family-owned foundation whose stated mission is to benefit the opera community and further enrich its listeners by providing access to education, opportunities for cultural development, and artistic empowerment. One of the most notable philanthropic businesses created and financed through the Amati Foundation is Opera Culture News & Magazine - an international opera news and magazine company that provides in-depth and behind-the-scenes looks into the industry and the culture it embodies. Opera Culture was specifically created to highlight and promote women of color in opera and to help them attain greater visibility and advancement in their professional careers. Visit www.operaculture.com for more information. 



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